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These are all my favorite drawings from 2018.

2018 by Liz Lorena Berberena

Tinker the Cabbit

This is an alternate design for one of my characters named Tinker. She is a rabbit-cat, also known as a cabbit. I based her design off the character Jackie Quilt from the game Black Survival.

Rivals Concept
December 2018

This is concept art of a group of characters known as the "rivals", who were created for a video game that I wanted to create as a project for a University class. They are all based on different animals.

Loris the Bunny Girl
December 2018

This is the protagonist of the hypothetical video game that I never made! Despite her dreamy looks, she is actually a psychotic killer! :)

Masked Rabbit
October 2018

This was my favorite Inktober drawing from 2018. I based it off a photograph of a doll with a rabbit mask. It really spoke to me because it made me think about my female rabbit character that I was creating for my hypothetical video game story. To summarize her story, she is a lovesick murderer hellbent on killing her lover's exes.

Tinker Vibing
October 2018

This was my second favorite drawing from Inktober 2018. It's my self-insert character Tinker vibing to music. At this point in her development she was still fully a cat.

Tinker the Cat
September 30, 2018

This is Tinker's original design. She is a cat girl. I mainly created her to use her as a cartoon representation of myself for my YouTube videos, but I only used her for one video.

Loris Down (Edgy)
September 2, 2018

This is an edgy redesign of my first design of my character Loris the rabbit. She is the original of the cozymaus profile picture I drew in 2020.

Crying Loris

This was a vent drawing of a crying Loris. This cropped section is the part of the drawing that came out best.

Loris Down

This is Loris Down, a rabbit girl who codes websites. She was my self-insert character at the time, and this was one of her earlier designs. Her hair and eye colors are based on Rei from the anime series Neon Genesis Evangelion. The logo on her shirt is a prototype for a web design business that I wanted to make at the time.

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