LOG OUT A Guide to Surviving Cyber Harassment

About this Website

This website is a guide on how to prevent and fight different types of cyber harassment including cyberbullying, cyberstalking, revenge porn, and more with helpful resources for further information on these topics. This website also details the effects of cyber harassment on the harrassed and the harasser and includes stories of real cases and their outcomes. The design of this website is meant to make it a parody of Kiwifarms.net, a forum characterized in mainstream media as "the Web’s biggest community of stalkers". All the information on this website is freely available on the public Web.

Disclaimer: This website was just a school project. The Kiwi Farms website is the model for this site because I wanted to test my coding skills in replicating a design and because I'm also interested in some of the topics people discuss on it. As on every website, only some individuals on Kiwi Farms are harassers. Obviously I do not condone harassing random people who use a website.

Cyber Harassment Topics

Learn about the different types of cyber harassment and terminology, who perpetrates it, and the ramifications of it. 9+
Learn what to do to prevent cyber harassment from happening to you or someone you know or reduce the harm done by it. 7+
Learn what to do if you are or someone you know becomes a victim of cyber harassment. 6+
Read and watch the stories of victims of the many different types of cyber harassment. 6+
See helpful resources including more information about cyber harassment and immediate help. Also find all sources used in the creation of this website. 15+

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