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Haunted Mansion Text Adventure Game

Developed December 2017

This second game that I made in the Java programming language is a text adventure, something that I've always wanted to make. It was the final group project for my Object-Oriented Programming course in university. The goal of the game is to escape a haunted mansion through exploration using only text. I was happy to learn more advanced Java concepts to cross this item off my bucket list.

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This wasn't the first game I made with Java, but it was definitely the better one I made and something that I had actually wanted to make for a while. The first complete Java game I made was my computer science final project my freshman year of college, and it was basically just Black Jack but without a GUI. You can check out that train wreck here, but be warned: the code is atrocious because it's an enormous loop around many smaller loops.

Anyway, the second complete Java game I did was a text adventure which takes place in a haunted mansion. It was the final group project for my junior object oriented programming class in college. The controls are simple as it's just entering commands from the list of available commands, as is typical in text adventures. I grasped Object classes much easier in this class, which made for a better game with much better code. I had always wanted to make a game like this, so I can cross that off my bucket list.

The Take Away

I should really learn how to integrate a GUI in the Eclipse IDE for Java. Also, I could experiment making more text adventure games because they're fun to write. I also learned that drawing levels out on paper is super useful for game designing. It's especially useful when making games where you have to rely on your imagination and text to "see" the game.

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