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Former Links Page and Current Portfolio

Developed August 2018 – April 2021

In 2018 this page used to only be a simple replacement for the service as a page of my most important website links, but in 2020 I realized it could be a good minimalist portfolio website. My favorite additions to this version of my portfolio are the flippable project cards and the automatic dark theme.

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Change History

Version 1 was a simple colorful links page with a short bio that showed up on top on desktop and below on mobile. The link buttons were in a vertical list on mobile and a two-row grid on desktop. I went overboard and put eight links in this first version, including one to my portfolio site at the time (

First Screenshot of Links Page
Second Screenshot of Links Page

Version 2 had better code, better colors, a new logo, and a legend that explained what each link color meant.

Third Screenshot of Links Page

Version 3 saw many changes. This was when I decided to convert my links page into my current portfolio site. It had a better layout and logo and saw the inclusion of my gallery of projects which flipped over to reveal a brief summary. Some projects link to their website and some have their own article that provides more information. On mobile the project images would not flip and instead the brief summary would now display below the image. I also added an about page and a CV page.

Fourth Screenshot of Links Page

For Version 3.5 I made the gallery two columns instead of three so the images would be clearer.

Fifth Screenshot of Links Page

The Current Version saw even more changes. I finally added a dark mode that enables with your computer's color settings. The website's elements now adjust better when the browser window is at half width. I created a proper landing page which highlights only my current projects because having to scroll through all my projects on the home page is just not good practice. I have also now added a footer and a proper navigation menu for the pages on the website, including my email address. I reduced the number of links down to six and moved my LinkedIn and résumé links to the CV page. Finally, I bothered to get my SEO, Accessability, Performance, and Best Practices scores in the green using Lighthouse.

Sixth Screenshot of Links Page in Dark Mode
Seventh Screenshot of Links Page in Light Mode

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