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Metalloid 2D Game

Developed March 2018

This is the first complete game I made in the Unity game engine with a classmate. This was our midterm project for a Game Design course my junior year of university. It's a 2D platformer shooter set in space with alien enemies, and the third level is a side-scrolling asteroids game where the player navigates the ship to the end while dodging and shooting asteroids.

Gif of Main Menu of Metalloid Game

Download Zip from Google Drive

This was my partnered midterm project for my game design class in my junior year of college. It was the first time I ever made anything with Unity, and it was a lot of fun to learn how to use this software and how to make a 2D side-scroller. Unfortunately, it was also quite stressful to make this game because of the glitches in Unity's cloud collaboration feature. Also I found that I don't like the click-and-drag nature of this software because it makes everything feel super imprecise.

It would be cool if you gave this game a play, but I'm not lying in the description that this is the worst thing I've ever made. In the game, you're a space soldier escaping your ship which has become infested with hell-spawn. Sound familiar? The game ends when you fly to Earth. I made the third level by myself, and it differs from the rest of the game because there you fly a ship and shoot asteroids.

Screenshot of Metalloid Game Second Screenshot of Metalloid Game

The Take Away

I hate Unity for 2D games. And I hate working on the same project as someone else at the same time because source control is just really crap in teams. But I learned this earlier in the text adventure game that was repo'd on Github, which is why I came into this project with some dread from the beginning. From this experience, I realized I wanted to go back and learn to use GameMaker Studio for my midterm project in my leadership in digital contexts class. One plus was that I learned some C#, which was on my list of programming languages to learn.

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