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Phony Reality 3D Game

Developed May 2018

This is the second game I made in the Unity game engine. It's a 3D walking simulator with simple fetch quests. The goal of the game is to find your smartphone in a strange surreal world. It was fascinating to learn more C# for this project and how object-oriented programming works in a game with 3D assets.

Gif of Phony Reality Menu Loop

Download Zip from Google Drive

This game was for my final project in my game design class my junior year of college. For the second half of the class, we learned to use Unity to make 3D games, and I thought that this was a little easier. The lag, the terrain builder, and the click-and-drag system is probably still the worst part of Unity, and I should learn to handle those better.

This game is a surreal walking simulator where you complete tasks for strangers in order to find your phone. I tried to make it kind of 2deep4you because of the limited time we had, and I think it came out alright, but there's a lot of ways it could be improved. My boyfriend came up with the extremely clever title, which actually changes the game from being a world of random into something that actually makes sense. This game doesn't give me as many hives as the midterm project, but it's laggier than I thought it would be, and it's just as unpolished as the midterm project.

Also, not to spoil anything, but the themes in this game are something I want to incorporate in my current game as well.

Screenshot of Phony Reality Second Screenshot of Phony Reality

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