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My Third Portfolio

Developed Spring 2018

My third portfolio was an original multi-page design made with HTML and CSS and was the first of my portfolio sites to use the Jekyll static site generator. The layout is two panels, one with a fixed featured image, and the other with scrolling content. The navigation is in a Z shape. The idea behind this design is that the website is a "home" with things on the inside and a "window" to the outside.

Screenshot of Third Portfolio

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I was really proud of the portfolio site that I worked on in the winter of 2017 into early 2018. For this design, I was inspired by the clear and elegant double panel look of front-end developer Kathryn McClintock's small resume site. I combined this design with an original Z-shaped design, wherein the right panel would have a large photo of me, the left panel would be scroll-able, and the legs of the Z would have the navigation menu on the left panel and links to my social media on the right panel. I learned how to better use the Bootstrap grid layout system, how to use background properties on images, how to change icons into words, how to make scrolling content boxes, and the awesome Jekyll site generator, which I also used to make my own little blog page complete with tags. I also focused on making my website mobile-ready with a dropdown button menu that only appeared when the browser became a certain width.

I was really excited when I made this site, so here are some GIFs of me showing it off in its first complete look. I only picked that shade of green because it matched the foliage in that photo, okay?

Gif of Third Portfolio on Mobile

The work page made me especially happy.

Gif of Working Tags on Third Portfolio

Freaking out because I figured out tags

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