Liz Berberena

Web Developer

Hello! Here's who I am & what I do

I'm a front-end web developer and aspiring online creator based in New Jersey. I've been coding since 2013 and graduated May 2019 from Rutgers University with a B.A. in Information Technology and Informatics. I currently work full-time as a web producer for The Lynx Group.


These are my favorite programming projects. Click to see the source code or visit the live version. All my projects are hosted on Github.

My Portfolio Websites

DEC 2016 – MAY 2021

My portfolio website has gone through at least 7 different iterations since 2016. I started off using WordPress and quickly graduated to creating websites from the ground up using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

I made this website for my class's ITI Capstone project. This website is one page and incorporates CSS animations, embedded content, and modal boxes. The conceptual product was an educational augmented reality gaming platform for young children with a physical toy subscription box component. I also helped create app flowcharts and some game designs.

This was my DCIM minor capstone project, a website guide all about cyber harassment and how to survive it, including helpful resources and the stories of some notable victims. As a joke, I replicated the design of the Kiwi Farms forum, a site infamously known as "the Web’s biggest community of stalkers".

WordPress to Static Blog Conversion

JUL 2018 – OCT 2019

This old blog was originally a WordPress website using my child theme of Savona by Optima Themes, but I recreated it entirely from scratch into a static blog with Jekyll and a few modifications. I no longer use this blog, but it was an ambitious project in which I learned I enjoy developing websites more than writing blog posts!

I made this web application with four teammates as the final project for our Advanced Web Design Technologies course. Use it to discover and get directions to jobs and companies. It uses four APIs, Javascript, jQuery, AJAX, and PHP. My responsibilities included the Google Maps Embed API, the Github Jobs API, styling, and debugging.